Rayoob is a one stop online point for any business
to promote its products, services and offers, including events which reach over millions of consumers on a daily basis.


About Us


About Us

Rayoob is the most advanced web portal in recent times to emerge world of internet. Packed with the most unique features of providing business information, promoting products or services and online advertising, Rayoob is incomparable. Rayoob links the all types of businesses with their respective customers on a single portal which is the most user friendly site.

Visitors / Customers

All web visitors can browse for business information or products which are of importance to them.  The web visitors can browse ‘Absolutely Free” through Rayoob which in turn produces high net traffic for members. Why Rayoob? There are several reasons why it makes more sense for the web visitor to search for business information through rayoob.com.

Keywords & Phrases

Web visitors will get better search results. We can define keyword matches to suggest information pages that are likely to provide information being sought. For instance, the manufacturing companies use the term "industry or industries", while many people would instead search for "factory or manufacturing". With a key match we could provide the necessary information to web visitors which are above the results for such a search. We can filter out unnecessary content. 

New Search Feature

This new type of search has several advantages for users, such as: .More helpful information for the user: by using uniquely refined type of search, the users will have a better general view on what they were looking for; By using only one keyword or phrase, and not mentioning the type of information the users are looking for, the results will cover everything;

Browsing Business Pages

Having a web page of your own makes a huge difference for the web visitor to get a better view of businesses in an enhanced manner like no other. Having a ‘Business Web Page” for every registered company on Rayoob provides the web visitor a brand new way of viewing your company details like never before. Businesses registering themselves with Rayoob can choose from a wide variety of sophisticated web page designs and add all their information ranging from their company profile, services, standards, contacts, including images. This feature is one of the most advanced application being provided for the business market.

Catergorised Search Feature

Most web visitors look forward to find their necessary business information faster and to the point. Rayoob has just done that with ‘Categorized Search Feature” which makes it all the more easier, quicker and accurate for the web visitor with almost a single click. From the advanced search feature, the web visitor can choose the desired location, category and product or service to reach his or her information page in just a click!!!

Extensive Online Survey

This feature has been developed keeping in mind the user friendly requirements of various web visitors through extensive online survey. Bigger possibility of finding the answer you are searching for faster, after performing only one refined search; Therefore, thanks to this new web portal of business information, both the ones performing the search and businesses registered with RAYOOB can benefit.

Find Faster

Business information will be found faster just by their customers. RAYOOB is poised to increase also the importance of business information locally and internationally. CONTACT US TODAY!